Rewiring Service

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Replace Your Old Wiring With Copper

Trust us for electrical rewiring services in Poquoson, VA

If you live in a home built in the 1960s or '70s, it may contain dangerous aluminum wiring. This wiring can cause house fires and should be replaced with copper wiring ASAP. Get your home up to code by choosing Lynn's Electric LLC for electrical rewiring in Poquoson, VA.

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Make the switch to copper

For most of the circuits in your home, copper wiring will be your safest option. While aluminum wiring is useful in certain cases, Lynn's Electric recommends switching to copper wiring because aluminum:

  • Melts at a lower point than copper
  • Corrodes much easier than copper
  • Conducts electricity at a lower volume than copper

Lynn's Electric can handle electrical rewiring for just about any home. The project timeline will depend on the property size and the number of stories. Call to schedule an appointment for home rewiring today.